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Bringing the Art Of Tantra Into Everyday
Life, Love & Connection

Gauri is offering a deeper journey with Tantra, exploring how we can bring this kind of consciousness into the choices that we make everyday, the experiences we are having every day. Sessions with Gauri include dropping deeply into a space of your soul, to feel the essence of yourself, to share intimately, be fully seen exactly as you are. An unravelling takes place to come to understand what may be holding you back from living your life in your full potential, and allowing you to live authentically in your power and truth, really living in connection with all of yourself, including your sexuality. Gauri also unravels your relationships and if there are/have been any difficulties within them, advise and practises are offered to support you to shift them into alignment with your wishes and your fullness as a being. Gauri guides an exploration and healing, intuitively connecting into what you need to experience. Gauri works with many tools, sharing and reflecting, guided meditation and movement, conscious touch, nakedness, bodywork, breast massage, emotional release with kinesiology, family constellations and many other intimacy and connection exercises. Gauri only offers a series of 2 hour sessions, one off sessions are not available This is much more of a spiritual journey of awakening your whole self into a tantric way of life.

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About Gauri Algar

Gauri is extremely passionate about bringing Tantra into our everyday lives. She has a background in psychology and mainstream therapeutic techniques, always feeling blessed to connect with others through an incredible connection from her heart space, having deep empathy and compassion even when working in some very intense and sensitive situations. Conventional methods tended to be too restricting for Gauri to be able to intimately connect in the way that felt natural, and soon enough spirituality, and particularly Tantra embraced her every cell. She was lead to study and live with the community Agama yoga, an esoteric Tantric school in Koh Phangan, Thailand for a year, journeying deeply into all aspects of Tantra and fully living in the space of spiritual development. Exploring open relationships, clearing energy, chakra (body) awareness, sexual energy and connection, deep heart opening, ritual, and much more! Since returning to England Gauri has been offering Naked group practises and 1-to-1 tantric sessions, always deepening her journey and integrating shamanic healing and family constellations trainings into her offerings.


What clients have said about Gauri's Tantric Therapy

"Gauri is an incredibly magical being, providing such a safe space of holding, authenticity, and Love, she is a truly unique woman."

"Her authentic calling and love for her work is obvious from the moment you meet her. Be prepared for sessions like none you have ever experienced...sessions simply flow from initial conversation to deep connection and healing. Gauri asks nothing more of you than to be present and be yourself....from there she will meet you in a place of connection, intimacy and love.A beautiful, fresh approach, which is totally unique and nourishing to the soul."

"Thank you soo much for this morning, it was just what I needed, your energy and calmness is amazing, that was the first time ever that I felt the transference of heat up my through my body and I really felt my body dissolve... just amazing."

"Love, Thank you for yesterday from the bottom of my big but fragile heart, thank you for loving me as I am, it was such a tender and precious time to just be with you but to learn from your feminine wisdom."

"I felt so loved and seen and it feels good to reconnect with myself in a safe held space."

"Thank you so much for such an amazingly peaceful yet powerful afternoon... there was definitely a gentle inner strength that left me calm and capable...I feel very blessed to have spent that close time with you, thank you for enabling such movement!... I have been left feeling very joyful, light and relaxed. The blocks surrounding my body lifted."

"What a beautiful time! I was touched by how honest it felt and at the depth of the wounds of the feminine. I could relate to so much... So honoured to have met and connected with you; thank you goddess"

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Gauri Algar has gone on sabbatical for a while and will be returning at the later in 2019