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Graham offers a safe pair of hands and a calming presence for anyone wanting to explore Tantra. For those wanting to connect with their bodies he is the goto Tantric guide. Through the experience of letting go and embracing your capacity for pleasure you will develop a new love and deeper appreciation for yourself. Each session will be tailor-made to unleash your life energy and clear blockages in the mind or the body, such as shame and trauma. His empathic appreciation of his clients comes from having made the journey himself. He particularly enjoys teaching and guiding couples who want a more vital energetic connection. Graham see clients in Bristol and is available for some home visits.

A Tantric journey with Graham You Can Expect:

About Graham

Graham is a certified Sex and Relationship Coach, who offers touch through the modality of Tantric massage. He spent 20 years abroad in development work, with his partner of 42 years, which included teaching and counselling on sex and relationships. His passion is to see wounds healed and the positive power of sex released. Through helping touch one, who goes on to free another, he hopes to make a contribution that will expand to the many.

He is a certified Tantric masseur having studied for two years on John Hawken’s professional massage course. He is also a lifelong learner who is constantly finding new and creative ways to reach, teach and help people heal. He is willing to talk about any particular needs you may have that you think he can help meet.


What clients have said about Graham's Tantric Massage

"I found Graham a very caring, friendly and understanding therapist. I felt safe and comfortable enough to go ahead and have the massage, (my first time with this type of massage)" - Female Client

"I immediately felt safe in his hands, which were transmitting beautiful, erotic energy … At the end I really, honestly felt like a new woman. My energy system felt like it had shifted, and I felt some huge releases. Now I feel so much more confident in my primal, sexual power and for future partners." - Female Client

"He was amazingly caring and sensitive throughout the time we had agreed. The session began with careful discussion of needs, wants, expectations and boundaries. When the work began, Graham showed complete respect, almost reverence, which created a feeling of a completely safe space in which I was being treated as a special and unique person, not as someone with a problem." - Female Client

"Graham has shown warmth, understanding and empathy consistently during every session. He has facilitated us to explore our thoughts and feelings in an attempt to better understand our needs as individuals and as a couple. He shows great insight and awareness into tantra, which has helped us feel relaxed and at ease and has assisted us to work closely with him." - Couple Clients

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