Who is the True You? Accept your Perfect Self

Working with a Holistic approach and Tantric skills Angela will take you on a deep enlightening journey of self- discovery and relaxation. Awakening a new found sense of pleasure and acceptance of oneself on a spiritual and inner level not obtainable before.

Angela teaches love of self and acceptance of the unquestionable nature of one’s perfect being, that you already are, yet strive so hard to become. Angela provides a tailored, individualised, unique experience for every client; through using various techniques including massage, eye gazing, chakra alignment, breath and energy work. Angela’s aim is for you to experience a deep transformation of self and to guide you to developing a fullness of being. Becoming your sensual-self and coming to terms with your own sexuality and spirituality as a result.

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About Angela

Angela’s variety of skills include: Tantra (qualified). Registered and qualified Swedish body masseuse, hands-on-healer, with over two decades of experience, also a seasoned Tarot card reader. Angela can offer projection of a new found spirituality one will not have previously encountered before.


What clients have said about Angela's Tantric Massage

"I feel rejuvenated and spiritually light. A weight has been lifted off of my soul. Thank you Angela for this enlightening experience." - Theia, Bristol

"Absolutely amazing experience! Angela has ‘Magic Hands’" - Rachael (Manager), Bristol

"Thank you Angela it was blissful, I will be back." - Alan ICT, Bristol

"Angela is passionate about her work; an inspirational lady and very intuitive." - Jules NHS, Bristol

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Angela has gone on sabbatical for a while and will be retrning later in 2018