Sexual Healing & Empowerment

Natalia’s approach to intimacy and sexuality is best described as sex-positive, pleasure-centered with emphasis on mindfulness and presence. This approach offers valuable insights into, and a beautiful alternative to, our performance driven and porn inspired mindset.

Natalia’s sessions are uniquely tailored to her client’s individual needs, whether you are looking for pleasure, energetic orgasm explorations, to expand your skillset and sexual horizons or to create your ideal intimate and sexual life, Natalia can offer her services to guide you on your journey. Natalia’s work can support you in three different ways:

Tantric Massage

An opportunity for you to receive a beautiful and tender full body touch in a non-goal oriented setting, where you can fully be yourself and enjoy your body’s sensuality. Natalia is very enthusiastic about the benefits that tantra can bring to our wellbeing and is keen to share it with the world.

Sacred Intimacy

An exploration of our attitudes to sexuality and intimacy through mutual platonic touch. These sessions will offer you insights into your sexual patterns and attitudes and help you rephrase any blocks and limiting beliefs into sex-positive, empowering messages. You will learn how to give and receive in a non-sexual context during the session but those skills can easily be translated into your private sexual life.

Tantric Coaching

Natalia offers coaching to clients who seek advice and support in overcoming a number of sexual concerns. These range from: low desire, lack of intimacy, dating skills and how to become a more masterful lover, to more gender specific topics, such as: erectile concerns, early ejaculation, prostate health, how to assert boundaries and change your body image. In coaching sessions you will be able to talk about your challenges and concerns, and with Natalia’s support, you will form a step-by-step pathway for you to create your perfect intimate life.

Benefits of a session with Natalia

About Natalia

Natalia is a graduate of Glastonbury Tantric Temple's Tantra Massage training and has a background in Reiki energy healing. She draws inspiration from other healing modalities such as shiatsu, zero balancing, Trager and Thai yoga massage. Natalia is also a student of Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent for professionals and implements this philosophy into her work.

Natalia is currently studying to become a certified sex coach and adheres to the World Association of Sex Coaches professional standards and ethics. Natalia offers her services to men, women, non binary and transgender clients, individuals and couples. Her sessions are held in a comfortable, cosy tantric studio in Torquay and last between 1 and 3 hours.


What clients have said about Natalia's Tantric Massage

"Natalia is a beautiful person, very gentle and intuitive. Her treatment space was cosy and warm with low lighting levels provided by candles. I have experienced a number of massages over the years but can honestly say I never received a massage quite like this before. Natalia was so warm and gentle, her touch at times so soft I drifted off to another place and left this world behind. I was so relaxed - just didn't want it to end, a feeling that stayed with me long after I had left. I hope to return, whenever life's busy schedule allows me for another Tantric Massage. I can thoroughly recommend this experience." - Robert G

"Natalia has a beautiful aura and the touch of a true healer...she brings a caring, reassuring, focussed quality to her work. I felt completely safe in her hands and surrendered happily to her knowing touch. By the end of the massage, I had journeyed from a tense, emotional state to a lovely, relaxed place of calm waters. The treatment ended with a 15 minute orgasmic meditation, which gave me an entirely new perspective on my clitoris. I felt a deep sense of tranquility and acceptance, with no feeling of any goal in mind, no desperate search for orgasmic release. The effect has stayed with me." - Jane Williams

"Natalia is blessed with gifts of a caring, giving nature and the gentle, intuitive touch of someone who is very knowledgeable the about stresses and strains of peoples bodies and minds. To enter into her studio and her space is an immediately calming and assuring experience. To allow her to tenderly take you from the moment you start the session to the place that, at the conclusion of the session, she has created for you, can only be described as a deeply satisfying and renewing journey" - Brian

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Contact information

Natalia is on sabbatical while she goes deeper into her art and her work. She will be returning soon.