Touch Is Not A luxury, It Is A Basic Human Need

Using the principle of opening to pleasure, touch, breath, movement and sound, Anastacia invites you to connect to your own body.

Drawing on her extensive massage training and experience of bioenergetics, tantra, breath work, mindfulness practice and various modalities of somatic work, she creates a safe environment for her client's body to evoke it's own healing potential, connecting body and mind to pleasure and aliveness, beyond pain, shame and conditioning.

About Anastacia

Anastacia was born in Russia, in St Petersburg. She graduated from St Petersburg University, where she studied biology. After moving to the UK, she trained in holistic therapies and different modalities of body work, including a 2 year training program in professional Tantric massage with John Hawken. Anastacia has been practicing bodywork for over 12 years now.


What clients have said about Anastacia's Tantric Massage

"BWow what a fantastic experience, Anastacia! You have opened portals of delight that I did not know existed. Your exquisite touch had my blood pounding and sent me into a euphoric collection of sensations which stayed with me for many days."

"Huge thank you for a wonderful experience you allowed me on Saturday. The welcoming and the atmosphere put me in a mood of relaxation. The movements and motions you taught me will stay forever... If only I had learnt it in my youth!!!!!! You also made me feel comfortable in my own body. Your hands are warm and genuine."

"Thank you for creating a different me. Your knowledge and your gentle genuine teaching methods put me at complete ease, allowing me into your world."

"Dear Anastacia, my sis-star. Thank you for everything. I am truly humbled and enlightened. Grateful to have such a sacred space and sacred teachings. Through you I have connection to myself, my family, my daughter, to all women who suffer with not being met with presence and knowledge."

"Beautiful Anastacia, you have given me such a gift . I can never forget it. You have inspired me and I am so primed to jump in to the ocean of Tantra."

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Contact information

Anastacia is currently on sabbatical for her own deveopment and is planning on returning in the Autumn 2019