By Graham Stevenson

Tantra is a way of looking at Life. It has no morals to guide or restrain people because it connects them profoundly with Life, within themselves. It provides the method by which we can learn to be lead as well as how to lead our lives, how to be consciously embodied and present.

Isn’t Tantra all about Sex?

It’s about the life within us, that created the universe and permeates it. Life Force is another name for this Energy, otherwise known as Creative Power, originating in each of us as sexual energy. We all arrive on earth through the act-of-sex and the energy-of-sex. Tantra is a way of connecting with that and expressing it creatively rather than repressing it destructively.

What is Tantric Massage?

The first language by which we learn about creation and our place in it is through touch. The warmth and embrace of our mother tells us we are loved and protected and the touch of her nipple connects us to the nurture we need. Without touch we die, physically and emotionally. Massage uses this language of the body. It arouses the energy-of-sex out of the context of the act-of-sex. This enables the receiver to become conscious of this energy and go with the flow as well as direct it.

What use is that in daily life?

If you start a Tantric journey you will come to see the places where that energy is blocked. Those blockages can be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. You will enjoy the freedom of being unblocked; the power of the life force moving in you and through you; the opportunities that open up to express yourself more fully and completely. For individuals it is a journey of profound self-discovery. For couples it is a powerful new way of connecting with each other.


Author: Graham Stevenson

Graham Stevenson is a certified Sex and Relationship Coach, who offers touch through the modality of Tantric massage. He spent 20 years abroad in development work, with his partner of 42 years, which included teaching and counselling on sex and relationships.