Experience Pleasure In The Moment

Joshua offers touch based sessions to all genders. His sessions are held in a private garden studio in Torbay. Sessions last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. During all session types you have the options to receive touch, talk, be silent or play games, you can even be tickled. This freedom to be yourself, make requests for touch and communication makes you feel safe, cared for and carefree. Sessions take place in a safe judgement free space, clothes are optional and the oil used is natural and unscented.

Tantric Massage sessions consist of conscious touch throughout your body, from crown to big toe and everywhere in-between. During tantric massage Joshua practices with a mixture of ancient Tantric and Tao techniques all created to achieve enlightenment, a fortunate byproduct of these techniques are heightened and prolonged pleasure.


This is an exploration of the power dynamics in which one side, called the submissive gives power to another called the dominant. The submissive side can explore a state of surrender, explore where they think their boundaries are and investigate that area and potentially move onto the next. BDSM includes a whole variety of exotic practices that are always ensured to be safe, sane, consensual and explored in an authentic tantric and conscious way. Each individual has a different flavor when it comes to BDSM, bring your own fantasies, ideas and inspirations to a session; feel safe and comfortable while exploring these narratives.

Benefits of a session with with Joshua

About Joshua

Joshua has trained with highly skilled and experienced body workers practicing in a range of disciplines from Yoni and Lingam healing to BDSM play; and has since built up his own unique blend of conscious bodywork. Joshua enjoys being able to offer new experiences when it comes to the world of touch; and believes that there are always new pleasures to have through a mix of mind and bodywork.


What clients have said about Joshua's Tantric Massage

"Joshua has a naturally sensitive, calm and gentle presence which enabled me to deeply relax and let go during the massage. I was able to experience a state of being which was not available to me before. I felt safe and comfortable throughout. This is a man you can trust to hold your process and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone looking for sexual healing work." - Ms I C

"Joshua is a thoughtful and gentle masseur who has a very good sense of touch, and putting you at your ease. He uses many strokes which are imaginative and sensual, and the massage experience is relaxing and delightful." - Mr F F

"Joshua has helped me over a number of sessions to become more aware of my body on a sensual level, and to explore and understand my physical boundaries. This has been beneficial in my wider relationships and has left me feeling connected and nurtured after the sessions. Joshua has a professional, calm manner, communicates clearly and shows a genuine pleasure in sharing his passion for tantric touch, and is able to be fully present for me without any sense of taking; something that has been completely new and revelatory for me. I am deeply grateful to him and would recommend him thoroughly. " - Ms J H

"Joshua has been very professional throughout our sessions and treats me as an individual at all times. He suggested things I didn't know were possible. With a kind heart and a very good listener I entered into world which I would have never discovered without him. I'm grateful for this and am looking forward to learning more. I have informed many friends about Joshua as a practitioner and made many referrals. I would say to anyone who want or needs more self awareness, to discover new things about themselves, and to have a really fun time doing this then Joshua is the practitioner for you."

"Very Good value for money and I walk away each time wanting more. A very experienced and natural professional. Very happy with my experiences... thank you" - Ms S S