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Experience The Power Of Conscious Loving Touch, Authenticity & Heartfelt Connection

Vicky is an experienced Tantra practitioner and Sexological Bodyworker offering sessions to women, men and couples. She has worked within the field of sexuality in many different forms for fifteen years and has been a Tantra practitioner for eight of those. Her heart focused sessions are tailored to individual needs. They can be healing and informative, playful and sensual or a combination of everything. Vicky is sensitive and attentive during her work and is passionate about the power of authenticity. She creates a safe space for people to open up and be in their deepest truth. She says: "Beautiful things happen when people feel safe enough to be vulnerable with the right person."

Vicky is passionate about awakening people to feel even more pleasure and more satisfaction within their love lives. Her sensitive, attentive attitude and her warm, down to earth character always help to put people at ease. In her sessions you can:

About Vicky

Vicky has also been on her own personal healing journey through Tantra and has attended many different workshops and one to one sessions over the years with Teachers such as Hilary Spenceley of Shakti Tantra, John Hawken of The Tantric Path and Baba Dez. Her sessions involve a combination of bodywork, breath work, meditation and movement. She is a certified Sexologist, Somatic Sexual Educator, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Counselor. She also has many different massage certifications including:


What clients have said about Vicky's Tantric bodywork

""I would like to express my gratitude for the insights and the delicate care you took of me yesterday. I went home deeply relaxed and fulfilled. I really appreciated your openness and understanding of my concerns and requests, all in a very clear communicative style."

"I cannot truly begin to describe how I feel this morning as bouncing on air does not do it justice. My body feels so held and so loved. My heart and soul feel a sense of peace and acceptance, My mind feels calmed and present to a new way forward and I have slept almost the best that I have ever slept, waking to feel serene for the first time in far too many months. I feel like a human being again - seen and witnessed and held, all by you."

"You absolutely radiate kindness and compassion, and I am truly thankful you're in the world. I genuinely cannot put into words how much I appreciated your kindness today. It feels like I've taken the first step towards healing and I'm so glad you helped me to do it."

"Vicky's caring loving aura is hard to describe. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with her. She led the session with care and expertise. I can only describe the massage as a very spiritual experience where I felt very in touch with every part of my body and loved beyond what I thought possible. The whole experience was the most relaxed I can remember being and five days later the world still looks better."

"The sensual, sensitive and loving way you led the session today, I felt could only have been possible, by you drawing from a divine source deep within you, to which I bow my head in deep admiration. I felt completely held, secure and safe in your hands. The combination of soft, gentle, loving touch along with the sharp but equally pleasurable edge pf BDSM took me to a deep place inside me. It was so easy then to show my regard and gratitude to you. In cherishing you I felt cherished! In worshipping you I felt worshipped! In honouring you I felt honoured! It was a profound lesson I learnt! I only hope and will try to practice it in my relationship to others, thank you for that."