Surrender to Sacred Touch

Tantra is journey of self discovery and path of exploration; only through our own experiences and understanding can we achieve awareness. Conscious touch awakens and addresses the need for true connection, with ourselves and with another. The power and beauty of nature is within us all, we are the Sublime. Awaken yourself to the mind, body, spirit connection and feel the delights on offer.

Maia invites you to step into her world of understanding. Loosen your expectations and by letting go of shame, bring back the joy of pleasure. She will help you relax and feel the energy within us all. By slowing down and sinking into the present moment, raising energy and connecting to the divine.

Feel worship through conscious touch and attention to the whole body. Follow the energy to expand your understanding and knowledge of pleasure. Celebrate the magic and exquisite bliss of the sacred sexual.

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About maia

Maia has been on her own journey of self discovery for the last 6 years. She has learnt new ways of finding and experiencing joy and fulfilment. Her passion is to share her knowledge and use the skills she has learnt along the way to help others on their own journey of self discovery. She is passionate about breaking through shame and judgment to open oneself to the possibilities of pleasure. Through the art of conscious touch and the channelling of divine love she will connect to the sacredness of us all.

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Maia is on sabbatical while she goes deeper into her art and her work. She will be returning soon.