27th - 28th October 2018

This workshop is open all. You do not need any previous experience to learn

Cost: £ 180 per person

What is my Soul's purpose? How do I find true Love? What is wealth to me? How can I manifest abundance? How can my "give-away" help the planet?

To gain power and access of our true self-worth, we have a choice to do so in harmony with the Earth and Nature. To gain abundance we can access Divine codes and transmissions that can "amp-up" our energy levels and enable us to 'Magnitise" what we need towards us. In a similar way to the Earth, we have an electrical, magnetic field. so why do we block what we desire? In truth, everything in your life is what you feel subconsciously you deserve. To attain a higher vibration of deservement is one of the keys to shifting our world view and creating a stronger "magnet" for what we want. but is what we want in alignment with our Soul's purpose?

Using the following methods we will discover on this unique workshop how to shift into a different gear and change ourselves and our world.